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About us


Voramar’s mission is to give our clients a unique experience full of sensations that they will never forget. Voramar therefore offers exquisite service with personal attention to make clients feel at home, in an atmosphere of peace and comfort from a team committed to their clients.


Our vision is to become a national and international benchmark as a model and example of service and quality, committed to preserving the environment, the family heritage and meeting the growing demands of our leisure and business clients.


The bases of our Mission will lie on our values, which are as follows:

  • PASSION FOR CLIENTS – The client is our reason for being. Our daily work is focused on satisfying clients’ needs by attending to all details, giving the client their space, and always working quickly and politely.
  • THE TEAM – We want to build an organization in which each and every one of the employees feels like the boss, with internal promotion based on results. We firmly believe that the team is the most valuable element of the company which will set us apart from the rest. We therefore select and train the best staff of the sector.
  • LEADERSHIP* – We are all leaders within our respective duties. We have to have a clear view of where we are going and where we employ our resources to achieve excellence in service, focusing on opportunities and not on barriers.
  • INTEGRITY – We always do the right thing. We are honest and cordial with everyone at the right time and in the right place. We always work within the law. We all work as bosses of the business, respecting and caring for the hotel’s possessions as if they were our own.
  • CONFIDENCE – We respect our colleagues, suppliers, community and treat them as we would like to be treated. We have full confidence in everyone’s abilities and intentions. We believe that people give the best of themselves when they work in a climate of confidence.

* Leadership is the process of influencing others and supporting them to work with enthusiasm to achieve common objectives. It is the ability to take the initiative, to manage, bring together, drive, motivate and assess a group or team.


• We show respect for all individuals
• We believe that everyone can and wants to contribute with their maximum potential.
• We appreciate differences. People from different environments, with different training and work experience coming together to reach a single goal. We do not allow any kind of discrimination, harassment or intimidation based on race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation or physical handicap.
• We inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals.
• We are honest with our people and provide feedback on their personal development.
• We enjoy our work. We create a culture characterized by team spirit, professionalism and flexibility.
• We believe that it is the responsibility of Voramar and every individual in our team to ensure that they receive continual training for their own growth and that of their team.

The interests of Voramar and our clients are inseparable
We do what is good for the Voramar with integrity and great satisfaction, both for the client and the business, and this is what must keep us together as a team.

We encourage all employees to work with a great sense of commitment and belonging.
We develop the capacity to empathize with our clients to be able to give them the utmost satisfaction during and after the holiday.

• We are strategically focused on our work
• We work with clear, aligned objectives and strategies, and always know where we are going.
• We prioritize: we do not ask for things that will not add value to the business.
• We standardize, simplify and build a more efficient organization through delegation.

We are externally focused
• We develop deep knowledge of our clients and their needs.
• We develop close, productive relationships with our suppliers.
• We are an ecological community concerned with the environment and our surroundings.
• We work with other professionals of the sector and public bodies.

We always seek to be the best
• We strive to be the best in our strategic areas within the company strategy.
• We rigorously compare ourselves on a company level and externally with the best of our competitors in our field.
• We learn from both success and failure.

Mutual interdependence is our way of life
• We work together confidently and honestly between departments and functions at all levels.
• We seek and reapply ideas which lead to our success coming from both within the company and our competition.
• We need others’ skill, experience and commitment to achieve the common goals. We all give up a part of our “independence as a department” to be able to achieve even better results. The members of each department are committed to the idea of working together as a group to generate more effective decisions than can be achieved working alone. The group has to be accountable as an operative unit.

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